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This is a video of my new keynote as delivered for the first time, to an audience of 150 great speakers at San Diego’s Crowne Plaza. The video opens with the clip of the boys of the Greenwood School in Vermont — all of whom have speech related challenges — reciting the Gettysburg Address; no notes, no prompts, no places to hide. Lincoln, by contrast, read the Address; something that is very easy to do. This instructional video includes a 19 page handout which is published here in PDF. If you would like to book this continually-updated keynote for your Toastmaster District-Level Event, my contact information is here.

“If you want to know the go-to video to understand how great speakers win their audience, then this is it. Check out Mark Whitney, who presents a fantastic educational session that will leave you with some amazing insights. He does this by dissecting the speeches of several world class presenters across different industries, (including my own speech ‘I See Something” ) If there is one video I could recommend to you, to get the real essence of public speaking, THIS would be it ! Happy Learning.” ~Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, 2014 World Champion Of Public Speaking

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